Animal Gene Technology

Deputy Head: Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy

Technological advances in molecular biology and animal biotechnology continue to be achieved at a bewildering pace. To achieve the master of these advances, to harness their practical outcomes for the animal industries and to provide an animal technology focus for Vietnam, the Department of Animal Gene Technology (AGT) has been established in 1993. AGT will contribute to research and development of animal technologies in the following areas:

- Transgenic animals

- Molecular markers to assist selection

- Biodiversity of fish and shrimp

- Biomolecular-based assays

- Consultancy and training

The discoveries in genome science and cell biology can led us to the identification, isolation, construction and transfer of gene into animal embryos to generate transgenic animals. The new technologies for DNA analysis open us the posibilities for the development of molecular markers and analysis of animal genetic resources of Vietnam. These technologies will have profound implication for sustainable animal agriculture and improved animal productivity. AGT is carrying out research in the development of new assays based on the high selectivity of biological molecules with major application in agriculture and environment.

AGT takes part in training leading to PhD, Master degree and Graduate Diploma in biotechnology.

With a team of immensely, capable, enthusiastic and well-qualified staffs and students AGT can make its mission successful.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy

Animal Gene Technology Lab

Institute of Biotechnology

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