Environmental Biotechnology

Head of Lab: Dr. Do Thi To Uyen

General: The Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology (EBT) has been established in June, 1998. First Head of Lab. was Associate Prof. Dr. Dang Thi Cam Ha. Now, acting head of EBT Lab is Dr. Nghiem Ngoc Minh. The EBT's staffs include two scientists have PhD. degree, one is Associated Professor. Two scientists have received MSc. degree. Other young researchers have received engineer and bachelor degrees

Research directions and interests

From its foundation in the year 1998 to the present time, DEB has been focusing on technology research and development for environmental assessment, treatment, cleanliness, and renewal. Also, DEB has been carring out many projects, programs funded by national departments, ministries, and government or international organizations. Of the projects and programs are to assess and treat persistent organic pollutant polluted-sediments, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and oil polluted-waste waters, or heavy metal, procarcinogen, and genotoxin contaminated-environments.

Besides, DEB is interested in screening bioactive compounds, extracellular enzymes from microorganisms, sediments and developing many kinds of biosensors, kits, diagnostic tests for detection of microbial pathogens, pro- and carcinogens, and for drug screening...Of which is a diagnostic test for dectection of Staphylococcus aureus food poisoning (project of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), or a kit for dectection of tuberculosis and drug-resistant bacteria (national program KC10). Those outcomes are under way to develop a diagnostic set kit and produce recombinant vaccine.

In addition, studying on microorganism diversity (strains, genera, functional genes), isolation and classification of microorganisms capable of biotransformation, biodegradation, and mineralization of pollutants is of great interest to the DEB.

Education and training

DEB takes part in education and training under the programm of Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and Vietnam Academy of Science & Technology (VAST) from undergraduate, bachelor, engineer, master, to PhD degree in the field of environmental biotechnology, molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

International Research Collaboration

DEB has established a close relationship with many research laboratories/ universities of Germany (University of Heidelberg, University of Greifswald), Japan (National Institute of Food Research), Canada, France (Institute of Research and Development, University of Montpellier), Belgium...in the field of environmental biotechnology, molecular biology, and biochemistry.

Address: Room 306 – 307, A15 Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: (+84)(4) 399 472 43

Fax: (+84)(4) 383 631 44

E-mail: dttouyen@ibt.ac.vn