Petroleum Microbiology

Head: Kieu Thi Quynh Hoa, Ph.D.

Laboratory for Petroleum Microbiology (LPM), Institute for Biotechnology (IBT), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) was founded according to issue 18/CNSH-QD (July 8th, 1993), based on the old PML of Center for Microbiology (founded on July 1st, 1990).
Our Lab. has 12 members, including 4 PhD (1 Assoc. Prof.), 6 MSc (4 PhD candidates) and 2 BSc (1 MSc student).

After 19 years working and progressing, Laboratory for Petroleum Microbiology (LPM) has obtained many achievements on scientific and applicable researches: publishing about 110 articles on different journals and at many scientific congresses, participating and presiding over 30 Science and Technology projects and 11 of contracts with Vietsovpetro, Vietnam airline, Vietnam air petrol company (VINAPCO), Namdinh, Thanhhoa, Thuathienhue province... We have experiences in petroleum and marine microorganism studies for many years. During the project implementation, hundreds of water and oil samples taken from 3000-5000 m dept, of 13 oil-platforms of Bachho, Daihung and petrol reservoirs from Northern to Southern, were analyzed. Hence, the first database on Vietnam microflora of oil wells and petroleum products was obtained, forming a foundation for the applicable researches in the oil industry and bioremediation of polluted environment due to oil spill. Moreover, LPM also analyzed hundreds of marine water and sediment samples, taken from Vietnam bays, ports and islands (Catba, Halong, Nghison, Quangnam, Dungquat, Quinhon, Nhatrang, Truongsa, Vungtau, Binhthuan, Ben Tre) and assessed the microbial diversity and the potential use of marine microorganisms, providing a basic knowledge for the application of the microorganisms in environmental treatment of coastal zones

Furthermore, LPM has developed seven applicable processes for the oil recovery, environmental treatment, preservation and using of petroleum products: In the field of oil recovery, based on the successful application of gas-forming and hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria at Bachho oil field (March, 1998), LPM has proposed an applicable process to enhance the secondary oil recovery by microorganisms (MEOR) in Vietnam. In the field of environmental protection, by using microbial technologies in culturing hydrocarbon-degrading and biosurfactant-producing bacteria to stimulate the natural bioremediation, we contributed to the treatment of DO spill at Vungtau (September, 2001). From the heavy metals polluted waters, we isolated and selected some Cr and Ni reducing-bacteria hence, proposed a process for removal of the heavy metals by microorganisms. At presence, the process is transferred to Yenxa-Namdinh Industrial Zone. While studying on marine microorganisms, we also selected some native useful bacteria capable of degrading organic wastes and inhibiting pathogenic bacteria for shrimp, as probiotics hence, proposed an application process of those probiotics for the water treatment of industrial shrimp farms in coastal area. Four trials of the probiotics at Thanhhoa in 2005 and Thuathienhue in 2007, showed an increase of double productivity in the tested ponds compared to the control pond. In the field of preservation and utilization of the petroleum products, we identified the major microorganisms which were in charge for the deterioration of the petrol during storing at Vietnamese condition hence, put forward an appropriate treatment procedure for TC1, Jet A1 with biocide, in order to eliminate the microorganisms in aircraft fuel for Vietnam airline.

Besides, LPM in combination with Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi National University, Thainguyen University, Institute for Ecology and Biological Resource, Hanoi Open University, and Haiphong Private University, educated about 45 bachelors and engineers, 16 masters, 2 PhD in Vietnam and 2 PhD students studying abroad.

In conclusion, LPM is dynamic, creative and unanimous in overcoming difficulties to accomplish our assigned duties. We received a diploma of merit from VAST in 2000, People Committee of Baria-Vungtau province, for the successful treatment of oil spill in 2001, many medals For Science and Technology and other individual diplomas from VAST in 1998, 2004, 2005, especially received Kovalevskaia prize 2005.

Dr. Kieu Thi Quynh Hoa

Laboratory of Petroleum Microbiology, Institute of Biotechnology, VAST.

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