Biology of Reproduction Cells

Deputy Head of lab: Do Van Thu, Ph.D., Senior ResearcherImage

Departmenrt of Biology of Reproduction Cells (Biotechnology of Human and Animal Reproduction Cells) was founed from:

  • 1977 - 1983: Scientific Research group "Hematology" - Animal Physiological and Biochemical Department - Institute of Biology -National Center for Scientific Research of Vietnam.
  • 1984 - 1993: Department of Cryobiology - Human and Animal Physiological and Biochemical Center - National Center for Scientific Research of Vietnam.
  • 1993 - 2005: Department of Reproduction Cells (Biotechnology of Animal Reproduction Cells) - Institute of Biotechnology - Natural Science and Technology of Vietnam (Now called: Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology).

Most important achievements:

  • Data of basic physico- biochemical parameters in serum from farm animal in Vietnam has been determinate for adaptation and cross-breeding.
  • The fist time in Vietnam, we supported data of complective basic physico-biochemical parameters from different negative, imported and cross-breeds F1 goats.
  • Bioactive products from young antler of star stag were done
  • Mediums, methods for liquid and freezing of spermatozoa from boar, goat, bull, rappit, sheep, marine fish, dog ... in granules, minitubes are developed and applied in practice:
  • 1986- The fist cross-breed pigs F1 were born in Vietnam by given boar frozen granules of Vietnam.
  • 1996 The fist goats were born in Vietnam by given liquid sperm.
  • 1997-1998 The fist goats were born in Vietnam by given Viet nam goat frozen granules.
  • 1998. Data of gen genetic polymorphism of kappa-casein and -lactoglobulin from bulls (Hollanda, Sind in Moncada National Artificial Insemination centre) were supported.
  • 2001. The fist media and methods for freezing of sperm from bulls in minitubes were done and applied in practice of Vietnam. Our negative media (IBT) has quality as so as quality of imported media ( Biodyl and Japan).
  • 2001-2002 Genetic polymorphism of kappa-casein and -lactoglobulin from cows of different Breeding Centre in Vietnam were mapping.
  • Training Ph.d, master, and students in reproduction technologies.
  • 2004 Company of Taiwan aquaculture of provine Tram Giang China

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