Head: Dr. Doan Thi Thanh Huong

Currently (2009), the Immunology Department (IM) has 8 staffs, 2 long-term and a number of short-term contractors, with high education degree, including 1 Associate Professor, 5 Masters (of which three are PhD postgraduates), educated in medical, biology and veterinary science. The IM the policy to admit highly qualified new staffs or/and contractors, as well as undergraduates/postgraduates for training. They must pass on the strict selection regarding to their personality, basic skills, education level and research capacity. The short and long term goal of the IM department is to keep human resource and research activities above average level matching high national and international standards. Main objectives of the IM are focused on basic and research development in medical, biological, agricultural, veterinary and pharmacological sciences; directing particularly to conduct research in immunology, virology, genomics, proteomics and vaccine development. Among these topics, the most focusing fields are up-dated and point of care diagnosis and identification for zoonotic infections and bioterrorist agents. Strengthening and administrative management and recruitment of human resource at the IM department are, thus, based strictly on these scientific directions.
The IM continues the strategy for getting funding as "internalization is priming externalization is aiding", that means, the IM tries to apply for winning of funding from different level of projects (governmental, ministrial, and institutional sources), short and/or long collaborative projects, multiple collaboration with national counterparts and so on, particularly to pay much attention on getting international collaborative projects (mainly with Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan). At the moment, funding for research at the IM department is coming from the governmental source monitored by Ministry of Science and Technology; from national subprojects and from the international projects such as from WHO/TDR, ICGEB, Wellcome Trust and other funding bodies. The objective of the IM is, little by little, to improve the Laboratory facilities for biomedical and molecular science in order to complete the IM's scientific activities. While getting improvement, the research activities of the IM are mainly carried out at the Central Laboratory Complex of the Institute of Biotechnology; or at the collaborative institutions in Vietnam or overseas who have collaborative link with the IM's projects.

Immunology Department

Institute of Biotechnology

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