161 articles and abstracts were published during the last 15 years. The 10 latest papers will be listed as the followings:

Animal and human Biotech


1. Bui Xuan Nguyen. Interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer and new concept of embryonic stem cells production. VAST international seminar on «Reproductive biotechnologies for conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development », Hanoi, Dec. 17-18, 2007

2. Trung Thanh Nguyen, Sem Genini, Linh Chi Bui, Peter Voegeli, Gerald Stranzinger, Jean Paul Renard, Jean Charles Maillard, Bui Xuan Nguyen. (2007) Genomic conservation of cattle microsatellite loci in wild gaur (Bos gaurus) and current genetic status of this species in Vietnam. BMC Genetics 2007, 8:77(6November)

3. T T Nguyen, V M Aniskin, M Gerbault-Seureau, H Planton, J P Renard, B X Nguyen, A Hassanin, V T Volobouev . Phylogenetic position of the Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) within Bovidae inferred from cytogenetic analysis of eleven species of Bovidae. Cytogenetic and Genome Research, 2008, 122, 41-54.

4. N. V. Linh, D. N. Q. Thanh, M. Ozawa, B. X. Nguyen, K. Kikuchi and T. Nagai. Effects of cysteine in IVM media on in vitro maturation under low oxygen tension, in vitro fertilization, and in vitro culture of porcine oocytes. Reproduction, Fertility and Development , 2008, 20(1) 203 - 203

5. D. N. Q. Thanh, K. Kikuchi, T. Somfai, M. Ozawa, M. Nakai, N. Maedomari, B. X. Nguyen and T. Nagai . Development of eveny and unevenly cleaved two-cell porcine embryos. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 2008, 20(1) 188 - 189

6. Thanh Quang Dang Nguyen, Nguyen Khac Tich, Bui Xuan Nguyen, Manabu Ozawa, Kazuhiro Kikuchi, Noboru Manabe, Jozsef Ratky, Yukio Kanai and Takashi Nagai Introduction of various Vietnamese indigenous pig breeds and their conservation by using assisted reproductive techniques. Accepted to publicat in JRD

7. Genini S., T.T. Nguyen., Bürgi E., Stranzinger G., Vögeli P., Giuffra E (2009) Elimination of INPP4A and SLC5A7 as candidate genes for congenital progressive ataxia and spastic paresis in pigs. Anim Genet. 40, 789-90.

8. D. N. Q. Thanh, K. Matsukawa, M. Kaneda, S. Akagi, Y. Kanai and T. Nagai. Development of porcine two-cell embryos with or without zone pellucida andsingle blastomeres. Reproduction, Fertility and Development .Volume 21 Number 1 2009 , 148-148

9. N. V. Hanh, Q. X. Huu, N. T. Uoc, J. Sulon, N. M. Sausa, B. X. Nguyen and J.-F. Beckers . Detection of placental lactogens in swamp buffalo by radioimmunoassay technique. Reproduction, Fertility and Development Volume 21 Number1, 2009,pp. 152-153

10. N. Van Hanh, N.T.Uoc1, M.N. Sousa, J.F. Beckers and X.N. Bui The expression of placental lactogen in swamp buffalo. Proceedings of the international 6th ARB conference, Siemriep 2009, 116-122