Embryo Technology

Head: Dr. Nguyen Chi Thuan
The Laboratory of Embryo Technology is a scientific research unit of the Institute of Biotechnology, Vietname Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi. The laboratory was established in 1992 from its predecessor laboratory of Reproduction and Development, DalatResearch Center.

The laboratory's activities are focusing on embryo and embryonic cell technologies. During the continuous professional activities process from 1978 until now, the Laboratory of Embryo Technology was initiator and leader of state and ministerial projects about transfer and development of reproductive technology in Vietnam. Laboratory has achieved numerous successes in the areas of in vitro fertilization, sex- determination, embryo transfer, cell cryoconservation, somatic cell nuclear transfer,DNA technique and their application for improving tropical animal and aquatic breeding. We also use these techniques for study the production of stem cell as new material resources for regeneration medicine, and for developing biodiversity conservation with the special attention to local endemic endangered species such as new discovered Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhesis), kouprey (Bos sauveli ), Delacou's langur (Tranchypithecus delacouri), etc.

The Laboratory of Embryo Technology has an effective and long standing collaboration with the first rate research laboratories, institutes and companies of reproductive biotechnologies in the world such as the Department of Reproduction and Development, INRA; the MeditterraneMadison (USA); University of Liege ( Belgium); Embryo Technology and Stem Cell Research Center (Thailand), National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, Tsukuba (Japan)... Nanobiotechnology Center (French); University of Wisconsin–

The laboratory holds the position of great responsibility of the Coordinator of South Asia Network of Ex situ animal biodiversity conservation.


Dr Nguyen Chi Thuan

Laboratory of Embryo Technology- Institute of Biotechnology

Vietnam Academy of Science & Technology

18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Tel: + 84 4 7562 902, Fax: +84 48912633

E-mail: saola@netnam.vn