Lab of Bioinformatics (LoBI)


Lab of Bioinformatics (LoBI) was newly established in mid of 2013 as a part of Institute of Biotechnology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

The LoBI has deployed analytical tools and computational techniques for biology research. Our motivation is to play a key role in supporting groundbreaking research through close collaborations with experimental and clinical groups within and outside the Institute of Biotechnology. We emphasize a multi-disciplinary approach to analyze and mine data generated by Next Generation Sequencing technology (Illumina MiSeq, HiSeq, ionTorrent PGM, Solid 454…). Characteristic tasks of LoBI are carrying out data QC, statistical analysis, integration and visualization of data from multiple platforms; developing data analysis strategies and contributing to design and implementation of analysis pipelines using best-of-breed bioinformatics software packages. Currently, our research interest lies in the following topics:

  • Metagenomics: Phylogenic, diversity and functional analysis of microorganism communities.
  • Genomics: Mutation detection and genome-wide analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms. De novo assembly and annotation of draft genome sequences.
  • Transcriptomics: De novo assembly, annotation of transcriptome. Analysis of gene expression using RNA-seq data.

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