Fermentation Technology


anhchungDeputy Head : Dr. Phi Quyet Tien

The Fermentation Technology Laboratory (FTL) of IBT was established in 1993.

During the past years, the research at FTL has been directed towards industrial microbiology with focus on the following themes:

Studies on the microorganisms-producers of biologically active compounds, particularly antibiotics and enzymes. The microorganisms of interest were screened, classified and documented.
Genetic studies on cloning, expression, and characterization of recombinant proteins originated from microorganisms or environmental samples. Genetics-based research on microbial diversity, DNA test kits, metagenomics is of great interest.
Bioprocess studies, which includes the effects of nutrient sources as well as physical-chemical factors to the growth and bioproductivity of the natural and recombinant microbes; selection and optimization of medium and cultivation conditions; selection of appropriate fermentation technique; recovery and formation of the bio-products.
Design of the production lines for laboratory and semi-pilot plant scales.
Scaling-up and transfer of production technologies of studied bio-products
Training & Collaborations

Along with research work, FTL also collaborates with several universities and colleges in training and education of undergraduate and post-graduate students. Foreign collaboration: (i) Kyungpook National University (Korea); (ii) Chungbuk National University (Korea); (iii) Hokkaido University (Japan); (iv) Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden); (v) University of Lavai (Canada).

Remarkable achievements:

A large collection of microorganisms producing antibiotics, amylases, proteases, cellulases, oxidases, peroxidases, xylanases, chitosanase, chitinase, lipases etc. was established.
Technological protocols established:
- Production of penicillin G acylase and 6-amino-penicillanic acid

- Screening and design of the strains producing cephalosporin C and the recombinant enzymes catalyzing bioconversion of CPC to 7-amino-cephalosporanic acid.

- Production, separation, purification and manufacture of vancomycin-HCl by Streptomyces orientalis. Further, a project on production of this antibiotic at semi-pilot plant scale is discussed and proposed. This will be a joint project between IBT and the Institute of Industrial Chemistry.

During 2000-2001, the research team participated in preparation of a pre-feasible project on building an antibiotics plant that was proposed to the Ministry of Health.
Technological protocols for The research on wild-type and recombinant microorganisms producing alkaline- and thermo-stable proteases and chitin-, lignin-degrading microorganisms has led to larger projects on the application of mentioned enzymes in industry

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