Genetic Engineering

Head: Dr. Do Thi Huyen
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The Genetic Engineering Laboratory was officially established on 13th May 2000 based from the Microorganism Gene Technology research group which was formerly belonged to the laboratory of DNA Technology. During the pass 10 years, the lab is headed by A/ Prof. Dr. Truong Nam Hai and now has 21 personnel with 6 post-docs, 3 PhD students, 5 MSc and 2 master students.
Functions and mission of our laboratory is research, development and training personnel in the fields of genetic engineering technology. We are interested in following research activities: (i) production of recombinant proteins in E. coli, Bacillus subtilis and yeast Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae for industrial, agricultural and medical use; (ii) Creation of the bio-products (Kit) based on specific recombinant proteins for detection of human and animals pathogens; (iii) Development of recombinant sub-unit vaccines for poultry; (iv) model and simulation of interaction between of peptides and receptors or enzymes and specific substrates for improving proteins', peptides' function for pharmaceutics and industries (v) study on microbial metabolism for secondary substances production that will be used for medicine production; (vi) Use of modern techniques such as transcriptome, metabolome, proteome to identify key factors affecting recombinant protein synthesis in yeast. Thus, we can improve the recombinant protein productivity in the yeast.

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