Plant Cell Genetics

Head: Dr. Le Thi Bich Thuy

The Plant Cell Genetics Laboratory was founded in 1993, right after the foundation of Institute of Biotechnology, National Center for Science and Technology of Vietnam (presently is Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology). The main activities of the Lab are: Study the functions and expression of genes that used in genetic modification of plants; development and application of genetic modification technologies using plant cell and gene technologies for production of new plant varieties with economically valuable traits (resistance to disease and environmental stresses, high productivity and quality...); Teaching and training specialists in plant cell genetics and biotechnology. We concentrate our researches on plant biotechnology and genetic engineering; in particular, micropropagation, plant cell line selection, conservation and development of rare medical plants, gene isolations and gene transfer. Our researches always lead to practical uses, for example: economical valuable (pineapple, roses, medical plants) and high value and endangered (Dipterocarpus, Afzelia xylocarpa, Glyptostrobus pencilis) plants, blast resistant and traditional glutinous rice. In collaboration with domestic and foreign laboratories, we have been developed and implemented several research projects and set up the facilities for science and technology researches. Lab's members have, actively, involved in teaching and training specialists in plant cell technology, genetic engineering, and biotechnology.

Since 1995, we started new research on application of molecular marker technologies for the study of genetic diversity, molecular and QTL mapping, and development of molecular markers for marker-assisted selection of drought tolerance and quality in rice. So far, we have been implemented 32 research projects (4 international, 17 national, 6 ministerial and 5 institutional); published 94 scientific articles included 8 in international journals and two books on plant tissue culture and gene transfer in plant; attended 19 international scientific conferences. The Lab has developed one patent on micropropagation of pineapple var. Cayenne.

Plant Cell Genetics Laboratory
Institute of Biotechnology
18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Nghia Do, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Tel./fax: 84 4 3756 1662