Plant Cell Biotechnology

Head of Lab: Dr. Chu Hoang Ha


Tel: 844. 37564691/37562368 / Fax: 844. 37564691

The PCB has been set up with the establishment of the Institute for Biotechnology in 1993. Since then, there are many generations of staff scienstists contributed significantly to the development of the lab. The PCB has excellent facilities for research and is particularly well equipped for tissue culture and molecular biology 

At present, PCB has a complement of 32 staff scientists including 16 permanent, 16 contract-based (1 Prof., 9 Dr., 5 MSc., 9 BSc., 4 Engineer., 4 Technicians). Our staff members also act as thesis advisors to under- and graduate students who pursue thesis research in PCB as wel as lecturers in many University all over the country. In addition to research activities, we do transfer technology to other Institutions including Universities, provinces, National Parks, Industrial Factories and do services such as GMO qualification.

We are the authors and co-authors of more than 250 scientific papers, 5 patents, 8 books in peer-review journals or well-known publishers in Vietnam and abroad